Special Ordering

Looking for the right Breed in the right color and markings? We got you covered, stop in to speak with us about a Special Order through one of our Select Breeders.

Special Ordering

Are you looking for something specific? A blue Bulldog? A Pointer with a hunting background? Are you looking for a gift for a specific timeframe? Select A Puppy has it covered! Simply stop in and tell us what you are looking for and we will special order the puppy of your dreams.

We can place your order, giving you an approximate timeframe and price range, and call you when we “SELECT” the perfect puppy that meets our criteria. Once the puppy arrives at Select A Puppy, you can come in and spend time with the puppy to ensure that the puppy is the right fit for your family and lifestyle. If for any reason we are unable to locate a puppy for you from our vast breeder network, your special order will be cancelled with no financial obligation on your part!

Selectable Traits with Select A Puppy

Breed Type

First, selecting the right breed for your lifestyle is important, Select A Puppy has availablity to 120 (plus) Breeds through our Select Breeder Network.


With Select A Puppy you're not limited to just Male or Female (Weird? Let us explain). When Special Ordering you also have the option to Select Neutered Male, Spayed Female along with Unaltered Males and Females.

Coat Color

The trait most people have fun with, most breeds come in different colors, markings and patterns. These color traits can be requested at the time of a Special Order.

Eye Color

Just like coat colors several breeds can come in a variety of eye colors and eye color traits are Selectable during a Special Order.

* Restrictions Apply, Contact Select A Puppy For More Information.
Sidenote: Some Puppies online are photoshopped......so no.... we can't get you a Purple goldenSHEPadoodlePOO thing.